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August report

Aug 09

With our tomatoes now coming on in full force, we've been out at the local Farmer's Markets. Visit our markets page to find a market day and time that's convenient for you. This past week we've gotten over two inches of rain at our farm!

Our colorful and yummie blend of cherry tomatoes

July Update

Jul 29

Here at our farm we are attempting to weather the weather. Getting plants to produce fruit in the midst of a severe drought can be almost impossible. But, we do some items that are doing well. Cherry tomatoes are now coming on strong, and seem to be impervious to all this heat and dry weather. We have a colorful blend of flavors - red, pink and yellow and several others. Our large slicing tomatoes are beginning to trickle in. They should come flooding in - in a week or two.

Danville Farmer's Market Opens

May 22

The Danville Farmer's Market is now open! Last week we had radishes, green onions, leaf lettuce & romaine head lettuce, baby carrots, and more.... Be sure to stop by our stand and get some of our fresh homegrown produce.

Fresh picked pea pods
Carrots, green onions, and carrots